What do Royalty Free (RF) and Rights Managed (RM) mean?

NAIS PICTURES offers two choices for stock photography: Royalty Free (RF) and Rights Managed (RM).

Royalty Free (RF)

Royalty-free images are reasonably priced and they can be used multiple times.
There are no restrictions on the conditions of use (media, frequency of use, region, duration, etc.).
However, their use is limited to the available ranges. Note: The use of royalty-free images may require a separate licensing fee (extra licenses) when the images are used for goods intended for sale beyond the scope of the license.

Usage feediffers depending on size of data.
Duration of useunlimited
Traceabilitynot available
Exclusive usenot available
Extra licensesrequired

Rights Managed (RM)

For their part, rights-managed images include works by famous, well-renowned photographers, and can be used exclusively as a rental service for a set period of time.

Usage feediffers depending on purpose of use.
Duration of uselimited
Exclusive useavailable

Prohibited uses

Reproduction of the sources of images, transfer/posting of data, the act of releasing materials and data as your own work, and the use of them in a way that leads to an unfavorable reputation or a disadvantage for the author or subject are prohibited by the terms and conditions of use.

About other prohibited uses

In addition, use of images in connection with gambling, religious activities, consumer finance and banking businesses, funerals, the adult entertainment industry and pornography, and as examples showing symptoms associated with specified diseases (AIDS/HIV) and aging are prohibited.

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